Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Pocket Full of Rocks

Isn't it amazing how a song, conversation, or a sight can transport your mind to a memory?

 A few days ago, while I was working at my job; a well dressed and groomed man struck up a conversation with me.  He said "You know, I've made a fortune by.......
I don't have to slave away, like you're doing; and I'm living the life and dream!"  Right away, in my mind, I knew it was going to be one of those ridiculous conversations of "get rich quick" deals that will eventually end up costing you more than you profit!!

As he rambled on an on, instantly, my mind was taken back to when I was a kid.  I remember those hot summer days! School was out for the summer. While most of my friends were on fun-filled vacation getaways, I would be in the fields, working the crops.
You see, if you lived on a farm, you worked and "breathed" the farm, regardless of rain or shine!
Skinny, little boy, always barefoot in overalls with no shirt! Oh, what a sight I would be in those fields - hoeing, plowing, pulling weeds, watering the crops. Whatever was necessary to make those vegetables and fruits grow! Oh, the endless miles it seemed like of fields to work! 
While I would be working, I would find "Indian heads" and all kinds of unique shaped rocks. My pockets would be filled to the brim with my treasures!  By the time we would head to the old farmhouse to have a quick lunch or supper, I would be so weighted down with my "rocks", that I felt that I wouldn't be able to walk! 
At the sight of me, my Grandma, would just shake her head and mutter "silliness!" My Grandpa, on the other hand, would never say anything negative or "make fun".
After we'd eat, Grandpa and I would head down to the creek bank, where I would wash my various rocks until they shined like diamonds! So proud....
This was time, where it would only be the two of us; and it was "our time" to sit and talk and reflect on things until dark.
Some of my best conversations were at the creek with my Grandpa. You see, he was a kind and gentle soul. Never quick to give an opinion; but so full of wisdom and knowledge.
 He taught me the greatest lessons about life: Work hard, when you've done your best; pray and let God do the rest.....

Grandpa has been gone many a year now; but I still remember our talks.
"Stay focused, never give up; and always do things the honest way."
The well dressed man's laugh, snapped me back to reality. Glancing at my watch, I realized, he had been talking non-stop for the past 30 minutes! He was so engrossed with bragging about his wealth; he never knew I wasn't paying attention to anything that he had spoken!
When he finally stopped talking - only to get his breath; I politely told him, that it was nice to meet him and if he needed assistance - let me know.
Trying to get back to work, this man was persistent! He reached into his pocket and handed me his business card and said "Join my team and you won't have to work in a place like this again."
Amazed at his determination to persuade me; I simply smiled and said "No Thanks!"
I patted my pants pocket and replied: "I'll keep my pocket full of rocks."
He looked bewildered; and started to ask me a question; but I turned and walked away.

At that moment, I could feel Grandpa smiling down at me with content and approval.
In my mind, as I smiled, I heard him gently say "Pocket full of rocks".......

Until next time..........


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